Munford HS Noise!

As we all know the general rule of thumb is if you want it to rain you should wash your car, well this rule also applies to freshly polished Go Jim Go bicycles too. After reviewing Fridays forecast which was basically summarized as B.Y.B., Big Yellow Ball. I got to our meeting spot Friday morning under skies that looked even more gray and cranky than I was due to the threat of rain. Despite having a connection with a top notch weatherman, my showroom ready ride got drenched with unforecasted morning showers and all the road gunk that goes with it. Thus began the Go Jim Go supplemental ride to visit the Munford High School Cougars.

Stephanie Rainey of the Le Bonheur Foundation has been booking so many schools we had to do this abbreviated ride Friday to visit Munford since we won’t be able to get there during the main event.

Wow! What a reception we got!


Talk about a change of attitude! Thank you Munford Mayor Dwayne Cole, Jennifer Tyler of Munford High School and to the Cougar band, cheerleaders, football team, mascot, students, teachers and staff who absolutely rattled the roof with their reception. To top it off they gave Jim a check for $2000! What a way to start off GJG 2012. Drawn with my finger on the road grime of my dirty bike is a big MHS Rocks! Thank you so much Cougars!


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